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The Beer Experience!

If you consider yourself a sophisticated beer lover who appreciates the time and effort that goes into creating the perfect brew, this experience is for you. The Beer Experience is an event for the distinguished beer drinker. From craft beers and unique, one-of-a-kind beers, to cooking with beer and beer cocktails, this is the Ultimate Beer Experience.

Each brewery has either brewed something totally unique specifically for this event, or they are bringing you a brand new brew that hasn't hit the shelves yet! Beer is our focus at this event, but we'll have a couple of other choices for you. If you like to change things up, plus The Berkeley Church will wow us again with delectable bites from their talented kitchen. Can't forget to mention there will also be live music from some great local talent.

Try them all or just sample a few. This is a pay as you go event. Sample vouchers are available in the Church and the Field House and cost $1 each. Most beers are one voucher for a 4oz sample. Food samples range 2-4 vouchers, depending on size and food costs of the item.